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☯Study/Test taking Hacks☯

Chew a unique flavor of gum while studying. Chew it again when you take your test.

Listen to instrumentals when listening to music so it doesn't get you distracted

Lay a track of snakes when you read though dense passages

Use practice tests google “site:edu [subject] exam”

Take colorful notes and talk to the text.

Take a break every 25 mins.

  • Stereo Love(instrumental) by TuNiX
  • Kimi to Boku, Todokanu Omoi by 佐橋俊彦
  • "Bad" (Remix) by Wale Feat. Rihanna
  • Best Song Ever Instrumental by Sarah Adams 22
  • Little mermaid part of your world karaoke (instrumental) by Nicole Summers
  • Mirror (instrumental) by Lil Wayne
  • I Am The Doctor by Doctor Who Prom 2010
  • The little mermaid by The Little Mermaid
  • Counting Stars (Instrumental) by Prince Tyler
  • When I Was Your Man Instrumental by Jake Stauffer
  • Sad piano song by user373010694
  • "Young and Beautiful" (Instrumental Remake) [Prod. by Jonathan Gardner] by Lana Del Rey
  • Oppening de Game of Thrones instrumental by Maira Prudente
  • Safe and Sound(Instrumental version) by DodongoEDM
  • You And I Unfilled Feelings by Cellia
  • Once Upon a December (from Anastasia) by Emile Pandolfi
  • Baby I [instrumental] by Pilar
  • Forever Young Instrumental by KaanArtist
  • Royals [Instrumental]-1 by Lorde
  • Let Her Go (Instrumental) by ImpossibleForYou
  • The Rains of Castamere by The National
  • Instrumentals sad piano to agressive violon by Vinceboutch94
  • Stereo Love (Instrumental) by Evonic
  • Z_ by Jay
  • Drake-Hold-On-Were-Going-Home-Instrumental-Don-Coda by givens1804
  • Imagine Dragons (Cover/Instrumental made by Zain Merchant) by Demons
  • Clarity Instrumental by SuperJCInstrella
  • Karaoke Selena Gomez by Slow Down Instrumental
  • Robin Thicke (Instrumental) by Blurred Lines
  • Sad Piano Music by Emperor Of love
  • Sarah (Instrumental) by Tage Honeycutt
  • still into you instrumental by rose v
  • Marry Me (Instrumental)(Remake) by Jason Derulo
  • Summertime Sadness Instrumental Remix by Lana Del Rey
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