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there's this guy


he has brown eyes, but the kind of brown that is worth staring at. he really likes disney movies and he's very tall, so his hugs are the best thing in the world. he's always laughing at the things i say, and when he smiles he squints his eyes and i love him a little bit more. also, he has a black earring on his right ear and he really likes maroon 5. he has the power to destroy me, however, he always keeps me together.

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waiting for the moment when I find a guy that will be the reason I listen to this playlist... until then I listen to it because of my love for my bestfriend.. and food. Oh how I love you food :)

Christ I was trying to get over a crush on someone I only met once and this is doing nothing but making it worse. So yeah it's amazing and beautiful and just... brilliant and effective. Thank you for existing and for contributing to society!