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Sensual Cadences

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"I will only let you touch me if your hands are so full of intention that every brush of your palms feels like you're writing a novel on my skin”

--Azra.T, “Braille”

  • 입술 사이 (50cm) by IU
  • Shower Girl by 에디킴(Eddie Kim)
  • 린 (Lyn) by 린 (LYn)
  • Dangerous(feat.JAY PARK) by Gray
  • 06 소나타 (Play Me)태민 (TAEMIN) by shine_inthesky
  • Body & Soul by B.A.P
  • 리암(LIAM) by Sep. 2014 Released "Make You Happy"
  • Symptoms by Shinee
  • 올라타 by Jay Park
  • Your Love (feat. The Quiett) (Digital Single) (Full Audio) by ELO(엘로)
  • loveskin by 슬옹(SEULONG)
11 tracks
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