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can you ever love somebody


co-dependency, symbiosis, a one-sided longing for connection; it's not love, but he wishes they could feel it.

a musical companion to my billdip fic desperate measures. electronic, pop, r&b. art by me.

15 tracks
3 comments on can you ever love somebody

im rereading your fic for the third time now, and i just spent like half an hour looking for this playlist again so that i would be able to listen to it while reading, thank you again for making such a beautiful piece of art for the world to read!!

this playlist is amazing. it's so relaxing, i love listening to it. it also has a lot of songs i havent heard of before! its refreshing when a majority of billdip playlists on here have the same songs over and over lmao. they're not bad but i like listening to something new every now and then. thanks for the playlist!