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{ mini rant } I'm finally free from being held down and manipulated. I hope you have fun finding some other friends to screw over and play the victim to when you get found out for being a snake. It's hard to move on, but you can only do so much until you get tired of it. I'm done this time and I'm NOT crawling back to you again. I'm over it. You didn't leave us, we left YOU. We out✌

Yo!!! This playlist is pretty much just a way to vent my feelings out about a 3-4 year long friendship that was ok ig (friendships aren't perfect) but grew to be toxic and energy draining. Always be real with people and show your true self, no matter what. When you finally get rid of those toxic people in your life, you finally feel alive and you make so many new friends and life gets better.

23 tracks
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