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bts kynk concert live


Here's a collection of the vcrs, songs, talks & encore stages performed at BTS' KYNK Concert 2015.

I was given explicit permission by the individual who uploaded these songs to use them in this mix. I would ask that you not spread these just anywhere without first asking permission (for fear of the videos/audio being taken down! let's all enjoy it!) and if you want links to any videos check out the links below.

Credit and thanks to hellosarang for letting me use the audio! Honestly...what a godsend, she does so much and she should be showered in lots of hugs. :')

I hope you all enjoy the concert!!!

mixcloud ver: coming soon!

28 tracks
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You know you're (maybe only a little) obsessed when you can already hear the difference between their Japan and Korean tour DVDs XD

@snackrapmon haha they are like one of the best live performers I've seen AHH. Can I just add too that I'm really happy that they kept Jin's pretty much solo performance of Converse High?? Like it's my fave performance ever. Right next to BTS' Perfect Man. AND THATS SAYING SOMETHING THERE XD

@loveyourselfasiloveyou IM TICKLED PINK THEY KEPT HIS SOLO IN THERE IT BOGGLES MY MIND THAT HE DOESNT HAVE MORE SOLOS! but yeah same and hoo boy love their coughs voices in perfect man bc wow coughs yup voices not the cou gh the hips and hte coughs hips and all that coughs hipaction

@loveyourselfasiloveyou have you seen them live?? if so where! I missed the chance to see them when they came to Atlanta this past year and ouch, it crushed me, I even had to drive by the venue on the the day it happened

@snackrapmon HA SUBTLE XD Yes yes we all love that performance for the same reason ;) AND THATS SO SAD. No I haven't seen them live, but it's now my mission in life! They're the only performers I love seeing live performances of, even when I've heard their songs a million times XD So I definitely plan to see them live some day