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covers: got7 ver.


this mix includes both covers and collaborations! i luv my boys! & i hope u love this too! thanks for listening!

ps i apologize if any of the tracks cut off a little early or duplicate...idk why but 8tracks has been rlly buggy as of late...
pps if y'all know of any other covers out there pls let me know and i'll add them!

mixcloud ver: coming soon!

25 tracks
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@snackrapmon no problem! I also happened upon a load of youngjae song covers today, I reblogged it to my tumblr bambamsabs (post/142721468370/choi-youngjaes-playlist) if you're interested !

No, I think you have the version with only Mark and Jackson, but the entire rap line plus yugyeom did true swag in Japan I think, there's a video on YouTube. Sorry if it's actually on here lol

@bbat OH MY GOODNESS no i didn't know about that i only knew of the other aaaahhh i will def add that then! thanks for clarifying and nah ur cool!