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flight log: departure


Got7 made a comeback and hoo boy strap on your seat belts. I'm lowkey dying:-)theya ll sound so good and they've grown so much. I'm so proud of them. Please support them with encouraging words, racking up view counts on their mv, and (if u can!) by buying their album!

Link to album:

Please check out the MV for 'Fly' !!!

As well as all of their other videos about the album: Album Spoiler Trailer Teaser

mixcloud ver: coming soon!

8 tracks
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Also I think Home Run will be their 2nd title track?? Because it's not being released until April. But it's on the album I believe?? So I think you can't listen to it until you buy a physical copy of the album

@loveyourselfasiloveyou aaaaaaaah that makes sense thank you! I was a bit confused as to why I couldn't find it anywhere yet :o thank you for enjoying the mix and tbh I'm going to be doing the same heh :')

IKR I LOVE THIS. Why does 8tracks make it so I can only listen once a day?? I'm playing this all day everyday until my copy comes XD