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greek myths


a bunch of songs that remind me of greek myths and a general sense of adventure

  • Quasimodo's Dream by Gotye & Perfect Tripod
  • Greek Tragedy (Bastille Remix) by The Wombats
  • A Modern Myth by Shigil Weiss
  • Capricorn (A brand new name) by Gavinus Simonneau
  • Reminders (Family Tree The Branches) by Radical Face
  • Grandma's Tea Party 'A Wiseman Told Me ' by Indie Playlist
  • Iris (GooGoo Dolls cover) by Ashley Gosiengfiao
  • North by North by Faded Paper Figures
  • Nevermind (Foster The People Cover) by febybachtiarmusic
  • Sappho by Tribes
  • Ancient Mars by The Zolas
11 tracks
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