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November's On Fire


Every band on this playlist I personally know, have met, or performed with. I build one's website, crashed on their couch, met in Vegas, smoked with, shared homemade artichoke dip with. (: - Jonathan

  • Bogan Via, "Kanye" by goldminesacksgold
    Performed with Bret in Phoenix when Bogan Via was a baby yet to be born
  • Fight Test by The Flaming Lips
    This is a cover, but the guy singing: First played a show on Mill Ave. in Tempe. Kept in touch, later crashed on his couch in while on tour through California, yeah!
  • Generous Folks by Field Tripp
    Met this guy, driven around town with, talked about living in the South, smoked, yep!
  • Sit Up Straight For Grandma by Vysitor
    "Country Techno" pretty bizarre and hilarious track!
  • Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling Travel Light by user2199337
    I've met ole Joe at shows, being a total fan. He was sleepy outside of the Hard Rock and met Kerry too. Laura I met outside of a cafe in Hollywood and was totally starstruck - first time for everything!
  • MXPX by MxPx
    I've met these guys a few times at shows and when Yuri, the drummer and best part of the band, left the band drove up to Vegas to see their last complete band show )_: Such pop-punk memories with this band.
  • Cosmic Queries by Willis Earl Beal
    I built this guy's website before he got signed after seeing him on the cover of Found Magazine. Cool dude, an artist's artist by faaaarrrr. (:
  • Self Esteem by Andrew Jackson Jihad
    Aw, these guys. Hang around downtown Phoenix enough in the late aughts and you're gonna hang out with these guys. Play shows with. High five. Go to shows. Eat food.
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