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Acoustic Recovery


Saturday morning. After a rewarding evening of depravity and debauchery, some quiet acoustics to ease the recovery. Sunbeams on wood in the kitchen. Kings of Convenience, Xavier Rudd, Patrick Watson.

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Wow, honored to hear that my mixes inspire such admiration in Argentina; wonder if my wardrobe and (exciting?) haircut would have the same effect... Uh, don't think so. ;-)

You keep surprising me all the time... And yet, you don't. I always know I'll enjoy a mix if it yours... Thanks!!!
Oh! And thanks for making me look good in front of my friends! Every time I play one of yor mixes for them, they say I'm so freaking cool! he he! Maybe I should come clean and confese? :p

Intended to listen to this to help me relax and fall asleep, but it's so yummy it's keeping me awake...just waiting to hear what the next song will be. Thanks for the awesomeness!