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Low 'n slinky

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@casuallyintoxicating: Hey thanks. Coming from the undisputed princess of cocktail mixes herself... well, I'm just basking in the glow. As for not being cocktail hour, sometimes it just feels like a whole cocktail day. Oh, and strawberry and basil mojitos(?!), wow. I'm impressed with myself when I can pull off a standard cosmopolitan without making a spectacular mess... ;-)

Whipped up a strawberry and basil mojito and decided appropriate jams were necessary to enjoy said cocktail. So I searched "cocktails" on 8tracks and only...nine, was it?...of your mixes came up. I dare not look for more. It seems you are the king of cocktail hour (my favorite hour, I think). ;-) Great mix. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Even though it's not exactly cocktail hour (here, anyway)... Thx.

beautiful! I think next time I'll listen to this at home, in the evening, with my feet up and a glass of wine in my hand.