24 comments on Urban Suave by snapncrackle

Snap! It has been too long. In Montréal this week and remember how much I liked your mixes. Haven't used 8tracks in years and I sorely miss it. Hope you've been doing well. ;-) @snapncrackle

Honestly, it's like it's raining outside and im all cozy inside, loving and liking this tothe max. lovely mix mate :)

@panquetofobia: Love that sexy tune... I like hearing a song I already have when I'm listening to another person's mix; lets you appreciate it in a whole new way. Like when you see someone else eyeing your lover when you're out... ;-)

@danngo: Just checked your latest - très très chic et très très chill. Thanks for the props. @Btrxz: Glad the mix inspired some mild, er, discomfort at work. ;-) @djardine: I have been a fan of St. Germain since the first time I heard Boulevard, and they remain the best of jazz-lounge for me, hands down. @casuallyintoxicating: Making less sense? Mais non, I think I understand your reference perfectly: stick your finger in a light socket, have a food fight, get naked and write intense poetry - I have those evenings simply all the time. As always, thanks for listening! ;-D

You KNOW I'm loving this mix (also Btrxz's last comment up there). Definitely a very loungey and luscious mix. I could see this working on a wild hair, flour everywhere, clothing draped over furniture, and pencils behind ears sort of night. And yes, I realize I make less and less sense w/ each passing day... ;-)

I was fading in a wave a suavely sexiness that felt a little uneasy at work thx though it was an interesting experience Dr. Love