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Butterflies with Punctured Wings


"I had someone who fought for me from the moment he met me. Most people don't get that even if they live to be a hundred."

12 tracks
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Oh, God, this is incredible! This playlist screams Marcel and Davina and I hope that they will re-establish their daughter/father relationship either this season or next season.

And remember in the most recent episode he asked one of the vampires if they got Davina out before things went down? It was one of the first things out of his mouth! That is something only a family member, particularly a father, would be concerned about.

Yessssssssss, he made sure his baby was safe before getting down to business. I LOVE IT! He's really quite selfless when it comes to her, it's too sweet. Even when he was resigned to leave NOLA with Rebekah, he couldn't leave without Davina ;...; (oh the family feelings)

Yeah, he made sure to go back for her and I felt like Rebekah was the mother in the group. The way she held and carried her in the episode that you got that picture from. Was it Casket Girls or something like that?

Yep! That was Casket Girls. Fingers crossed that Rebekah returns next season and reclaims that motherly-role. It's awfully fascinating, especially since I think Rebekah finds Davina as a kindred spirit, in a sort.

I think Rebekah sees a lot of herself in Davina which is why she was so protective and motherly towards her. I would love to see Rebekah and Marcel as Queen and King of the vampires, Hayley as Queen of the werewolves, and Davina as Queen of the witches.