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❝Only one who has sacred feet can cross the valley of the dead.❞

Some of my favorite temple themes--the ones with the perfect level of creepiness--from various Legend of Zelda games.


  • Lanayru Mining Facility (Past) by Jorge Guerra
    Lanayru Mining Facility (Past) from Skyward Sword
  • 69 Spirit Temple by ocarina of time ost
    Spirit Temple from Ocarina of Time
  • Arbiter's Grounds The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess by Kurorin Alfredo Guzman
    Arbiter's Grounds from Twilight Princess
  • Sanctuary Dungeon by Koji Kondo
    Sanctuary Dungeon from A Link to the Past
  • Snowhead Temple (cover) by Lazy Labyrinthodont
    Snowhead Temple from Majora's Mask
  • Desert Palace The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds by PotionxShop
    Desert Palace from A Link Between Worlds
  • Shadow Temple by Alex Santos 3
    Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time
  • Dragon Roost Cavern by Wind Waker
  • 33 - Forest Temple by user872513993
    Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time
  • Skyview Temple by Mycro_chip
    Skyview Temple from Skyward Sword
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