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Hayden Romero probably is a raging feminist who listens to Halsey and yells “HENNA IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION NOT A FASHION STATEMENT” at white girls at BHHS who think they’re onto the newest trend and points out sexist remarks from teachers during class and punches boys who say soccer is a “girl sport” straight in the face because “SPORTS DONT HAVE GENDER YOU UGLY MONKEY”

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Oh dear god, i'm crazy in love with this playlist. Hayden is an amazing character and I enjoy her so much, this playlist just has her soul. I can picture Hayden listen to this <3 Amazing.

OMG. i just really love Hayden. She is a total badass and strong female character and an example that every young girl need. I love your playlist so much. And these songs fit her really well. :) btw sorry for bothering you but if you have time could you check out my teen wolf video(and maybe the other tw videos too). It took a lot of time to edit and i would be really really thankful. byeeee