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Nobody Appreciates You None Neither


A long over due playlist for these two. (denial to acceptance of feelings idk..)

Essentially, I'm back on my bullshit... I'm taking you all with me. :')))

12 tracks
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You've got no idea how happy and excited it made me to see such a recent playlist for these two!! I can really tell how much thought and effort went into this, and your art is just fantastic, it's all exactly what they deserve! You're the dedesuka hero the world needs, thanks for this (Also, overdue maybe, but it's awesome to have new content from this year!!!!! )

@loveycloud AAAAA!!!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words! It really means a lot :')) And I know what you mean, I'm thirsty for new content and there's not a whole lot ;; so someone has to make it!