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Bleak Scenery


Mayvale's Rover was unlike other cats; people whisper he used to be human once. Unwanted, shunned, yet ever present, he threatens to shatter the dream that blankets the little sleepy town like a veil and bring its secrets to light.

The playlist begins relatively normal, with a promise, before slowly spiraling down and beyond the moral and despair event horizon.

8 tracks
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@town-of-spectres awh!!! it's such a nice song too! Thank you so much though~ -w-/) I can usually listen to anything so I'm always afraid these will end up too mismatched xD:

@Soenatte What was it may I ask? ;v; I also just noticed that 8tracks deleted most of mine and replaced songs to something completely different, I have no idea when that happened bUT I'M MAD-- esp for my first playlist that I liked the most .-. And same, tbh I'm so varied that I don't even know what goes well together so I just hope it works OVO;;;

@town-of-spectres it's 27 years by Ben & Alfie, probably could be the titular playlist song if I had to pick any too. Such a shame it won't show. u.u Seriously though what's wrong with this site D| messing up mixes like that, just why.