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6 am: Get off your cute, little butt!!


☆✧ Cute songs to get you off your cute, little butt. Jump out of bed and dance to these tunes early in the morning while you get ready. Hopefully these tracks put you in a good mood that lasts for the rest of the day! ✧☆

Artwork: Beauty Blunders by Laura Callaghan

11 tracks
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Love this mix!! it also helps to get trough a lot of math, chemistry, french and f.c.c. homework with a good mood!! You're awesome!!!

@Tarp2001 Wow, thanks so much for this lovely comment. Glad you're enjoying this playlist. I love you so much and I think you're awesome as well. Glad it's helping you get in a good mood while you complete your homework. Good luck with your studies! ♡

@brndamnn Thanks, boo! Glad that you're enjoying this playlist. It surely has been a long time since I've worked on a new playlist (blame the endless amount of school work and exam preparations this year). I'll make a playlist for your 18th next year, don't worry babe! ♡