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then i grew up, and i spent so much time staring at all the bugs and the flowers and the tiny little specks of dirt, that i never saw the big things on top that were impossible to love.

i don't know how not to love. i never learnt. and now no one will teach me.

(please look at ike edeani's photography it makes me v. happy

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I just. love this playlist so much. it reminds me of childhood, the joyful freedom of going out on a fresh summer day and just feeling the sun and breeze on your skin. it's really refreshing.

is there anywhere I can find more about this oc/story? I'd love to see more.

@mysterysolver thank you sooo much!!!! im glad you like it and thats toootally what i was going for im so happy it came across that way :D i unfortunately have a habit of makin up ocs n never doing anything w em which is kinda what happened here lmao sry!! i dont mind talkin abt em if youd like, but theres not rly any content to follow this mix :) this is rly rly nice to hear though tysm for taking the time to listen to this n type up this comment i really appreciate it!