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a person who is extremely loved by me; the person i have a queerplatonic relationship with; the person i'd die for if i have to; a giant, soft cuddly bear; an amazing artist; the greatest friend one could have; the most loveliest person in the world;

ex: "i love ben more than the people i've let myself love, more than the love i've allowed myself to feel for people."

synonyms: lovely, extraordinary, sweet, caring, depressed, loved, creative, rose, precious, bean, bear, amazing, BEAUTIFUL, hardworking, peaceful, spectacular, honest, artist, singer, actor, considerate, broad-minded, brave, charming, faithful, fearless, funny, sarcastic, intelligent, inventive, loyal, gay, flaminginly gay, affectionate.

(lmao sorry some of these songs are a bit more romANtic than others whoops)

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