brilliance is found in the men and women who do not know truth by hearing it from the TV. They would be more interested in throwing the TV out the window, going on a hike, and seeing the sunset. maybe we're crazy hippies with nature rooted in mind.

my name is Ian, and i am not content with my name. I would like to be known as Sol. I am a meditating, subdued when happy, nature freak.I have some anxiety problems. I ride my bike to school everyday, through Mary Moore Searight. I have lived in Reno, Nevada, and have been going to school at akins from sophomore year to now.

I am in love with living for the moment, and to care about people who are sensible and truly living. I am passionate about meeting and helping people, having fun, traveling, exploring, and dreaming. I care too much about a lot of things, and have been told i am too honest, with too much pride. But that's how i am.

I hope to find people who are down to chase life with me.

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