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Seance EP. 3


The month had begun to chill, but it wasn't cold yet; September had crept in with deceptively bright and warm looking skies.
Things had changed. Things had not.

The office chair in the station creaked as Barbell crossed his legs in it, far too full of energy for a shift like this. He'd had a conversation - one he'd been wanting for some time - though it wasn't related to anything significant. In fact, perhaps it was its benign insignificance which had so electrified him.

"Good evening," had he just crooned? The announcer's voice had lost its entirely relaxed tone "Tonight may be more energetic than you'd expected. Let's call it a buildup for tomorrow's Livewire, shall we?"
Barbell looked out to the street, excited for nothing in particular. "But I'll try to keep it in check."

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