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Please don't leave me behind...


I still remember,
The day I met you,
I was in little white shorts,
And a top that was blue.

You sat there and smiled,
Your little feet covered in mud,
You said I could play with you,
Ever since then you'd been my best bud.

Growing up, we didn't have the easiest lives,
But we'd always had each other,
You'd told me I was like a sister,
And I said you were what I wanted as a brother.

One day you decided to take me to lunch,
To get away from it all; to disappear,
If only I had known.

The other car hit us dead on,
We spun out of control,
Then everything went black.

Please don’t go,
Please don’t leave me,
It’s the first time in a long time that I feel so unprotected, so defenseless…
I cannot do this without you,
Please don’t leave me behind…

Picture: Lost by Miguel-Santos

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