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The Stockholm Syndrome Of Jezebel


... She is a shell for you.
To be beautiful is to be raped... By love?
Just a lifeless longing for touch.
Screaming and clawing
She thinks it's love.
As you caress her cold body.
She's shaking, She's empty.
In all it's beautiful lust.
You stole her innocence.
You stole her beauty.
You clawed out her eyes...

Songs of Depeche Mode, Muse, Placebo, and others metal & rock bands, etc...

26 tracks
7 comments on The Stockholm Syndrome Of Jezebel

Probably my favorite mix and I've been listening to this site for a few years now. Introduced me to a few really good bands. Thank you.

Thanks man u r great!! Im really Proud of this mix =D! and u know any suggestion or recommendations are welcome!!!