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His grace meets us where we are


"Faith is not an idle grace
Guide my fears and lead my way
The darkest heart that You have saved
I can't find a better love"

Please pray for my family and me if you can-
thank you :)

edit (4/8/14) for some reasons, songs were deleted :/

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Thank you :) It really means a lot!
You are very sweet, and you are my favorite follower :D
If you want any prayers, I am here for you, too!

^double like :) I def would appreciate your prayers too...asking for them is something I don't do enough of, so thanks for the great example :)

Of course, I will pray for you!
I just prayed for you even though I don't really know any details :)
Thank you~ I really believe that prayer is very powerful :D

Thank you :) I def agree with you that prayer is powerful! God can use anything (even random people on here?? ;) to do life changing things :)