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it fades away


songs relate to or about dead-end relationships

  • Jerusalem (feat. Peter Breinholt) by Paul Cardall
  • Officially Missing You by 긱스 Geeks
  • ? (???) (feat. ?? of ??????, Zion.T) by Primary feat. ?? of ??????, Zion.T
  • Johnny (Ft. Dynamic Duo) by Primary
  • I'm OK) by 척쟁이 (Beat. Crucial Star
  • Éveil de l'âme by Collection bien-être
  • 사랑을 글로 배워서 (Feat. Lyn, 버벌진트) by Bnr
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2 comments on it fades away

ooh, I am so happy to hear that!
You are welcome-
I should be thanking you that you were listening :D
I always really enjoyed my government class (or classes that are related to government like poli sci~ I really love poli sci classes)

Government both interest me and frustrated me haha... My mind would wander places and I'd be left confused. Even though I usually somehow got the gist of it lol

Poli Sci sounds interesting! But I probably wouldn't do very good lol...
I have been watching so much CSI lately that I almost signed into Forensic Science! But then I was like how about Gothic Literature lol

ooh, sounds fun!
I watch CSI sometimes, too
I am not really into tv shows
but I really like to sometimees watch fun mystery/crime-solving ones like psych :D