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my love from the star


As requested :)

Kim soo hyun's singing and songs that I originally had in 별그대 mix

I wanted to add 2 more songs, but they don't really fit the mood/style/vibe/whatever you call it- normally, I would add them, but since this was a request I held back :D

  • 그대 한 사람 OST TMETS Part 6 by Kim Soo-Hyun
  • 백지영 (BAEK JI YOUNG) by 백지영 (Baek Ji Young)
  • Back In Time (Ost. The Moon Embracing Sun) by Lyn
  • 그대를 그리다 by Various Artists
  • Dreaming by Dream High Original SoundTrack Japanese Premium Edition
  • 넌 나의 봄이다(fififinal) by 성시경
  • 사랑하면 안될까 by 김수현 아이유
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