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you're pretty :)


It's cheesy, but sometimes, you just have to hear it.
You are not just pretty enough. You are beautiful.
Love yourself as you are now-
Don't just love your "future-better-self" because your "present-self" deserved to be respected and cherished now even if you are not perfect.

해피 화이트 데이 :D

For you

  • 살빼지 마요 by 소란
  • 이대로도 예뻐(with 임동현) by Brooklyn P'mx
  • 이뻐,바뻐 (J-Ocean & Deeno) by 9초
  • Nothing On You (Korean Ver) by Crucial Star
  • So Fine by B1A4
  • 죽겠네 (Album Ver.) by 10cm
  • 충분히 예뻐 by Verbal Jint feat. 산체스 of 팬텀
  • 소란(SORAN) by 소란(Soran)
  • Cause You're Beautiful (예뻐서 그래) by 100% V (백퍼센트 V)
  • Pretty (Feat. Ara[Hello Venus]) by Aye Mra Mra Aung
10 tracks