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Kingdom Hearts

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Thirty-three tracks including music by Cổ Hắc Miêu, David Budrevicius, and Funnymindparty.

  • Simple And Clean (Cover) by Gates Of Ivory
  • Sanctuary (cover) by Gates Of Ivory
  • Simple and Clean Music box version by Cổ Hắc Miêu
  • Ultimate Remix by Kingdom Hearts
  • Dearly Beloved dj-Jo Dubstep Remix by Kingdom Hearts
  • Dearly Beloved (FRNKNSTYN Remix) by Kingdom Hearts
  • Passion (Kingdom Hearts OST Violin and Piano cover) by baekhni
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX by Sora's Sacrifice (HIKARI Instrumental Ver.)
  • Kingdom Hearts OST // Acoustic/Piano rendition by Kairi
  • Roxas by 下村陽子
  • Roxas Theme w/ Thunderstorm by adhdmusician
  • Xion Theme (EggIvory Vr.) by KIngdom Hearts Days
  • Axel and Roxas by Kingdom Hearts 358 2
  • OH) by Xion Theme (Kingdom Hearts Remix Pro By FrAnK
  • Xion Theme from Kingdom Hearts 385/2 days by Funnymindparty
  • Namine's Music Box by Tesyl's Bass
  • Namine's Theme by soundofwaves
  • Naminè's Theme Kingdom Hearts by zionlovesanime
  • Organization XIII by Kingdom Hearts II
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Ven's Theme by SeraphAndrew
  • Kingdom Hearts Terra's Theme by dannycare3
  • Kingdom Hearts Mix Terra's Theme(BmanP Edition) by KingdomHearts364
  • Traverse Town kingdom hearts by Jackthelampie
  • Traverse Town by kh_piano
  • Twilight Town by Kingdom Hearts 2
  • A Day In Agrabah by Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack
  • Spooks Of Halloween Town by Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Welcome to Wonderland by 下村陽子
  • Lord Of The Castle by Kingdom Hearts RE- Chain Of Memories Music
  • Deep Jungle [Kingdom Hearts] by Nathanael Platier
  • Oblivion Battle (kingdom hearts:CoM) by Supercoolmike2
  • Kingdom Hearts 3582 Days Riku Battle Theme Extended by David Budrevicius
32 tracks
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