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Eternity, One Night Only.


A twenty track playlist best listened to as you fall asleep. Featuring tracks from Nick Drake, Youth Lagoon and Beach House. A personal favourite playlist of mine. Enjoy!

15 tracks
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The first few tracks are great but then it kinda has a lull for me. I do kinda like the songs, but they just weren't 'it'. I kept listening though, and after a few of those tracks it really started picking up again with some great songs.
I don't know if it's a personal thing or not but I'd move some of the later tracks (Laura Marling, spoon, badly drawn boy, Andrew bird etc) nearer to the beginning. It's not that the other songs are bad (for example; I love Okkervil River, but A king and a Queen kind of felt misplaced for me in the playlist, mostly because it starts out with such an intensely relaxing song by Yo La Tengo. It somehow just didn't fit).

Other than that, very nice :)

I hadn't heard any of these tracks before, and they're nearly all great. Thanks for introducing me to a treasure trove of new music!

This is the first mix I've uploaded, so let me know what you think. Comments (constructive or... not so constructive) would be warmly welcomed