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Halo Round His Head

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One of your strongest skills, I think, in making mixes is putting the song choices in just the right order so that they flow so well. So that it becomes less of a compilation of songs addressing a certain theme or subject and more an outline of a story with a clear intro, mid point, climax and ending. The fact that you can do this for story prompts that haven't had a story actually written for them yet is so impressive and really speaks to your creativity and the level of thought that goes into your fanmixes.

I really liked these song choices; you surprised me with a few at first. The one's I'm talking about in particular were Sea Lion (omg you know Sage Francis, let me love you) and Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl. But then I remembered that in this verse Arthur's a lapsed Catholic and you know, those songs fit perfectly with how I'd imagine this man who'd be so jaded with a faith he'd been brought up with but yet at the same time hadn't completely renounced it. A lingering part of him holds onto faith (what part of "faith" exactly? in what sense?? and why? does Arthur know the answer to either of those questions???). On another note, that cover of Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing ruined me.

Another excellent mix; you have me so spoiled. I really need to do one for you now too. Drop me a prompt whenever my friend!

This is absolutely fantastic to hear - thank you so much Pam. I'm just glad I was able to do this story prompt the justice it deserves! <3