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The Gambit

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First of all; I'm sorry it took so long for me to finally listen to this. Anyway I love the weariness of this mix and you managed to make it feel less like say an elderly person's weariness and more like fraying of a young person who has lived such a full, heavy life in only a short number of years if that makes sense. Like a loss of youthful innocence far too early. They've seen too much, endured such emotional/physical trials that they subsequently feel emotionally well aged and worn down. But physically they're merely on the cusp of adulthood and so they'll have decades to live with that feeling. And so it can either, as they say in Inception, grow to define or destroy them. That's absolutely perfect for a Hunger Games universe. All the tracks you chose fit this au completely and in such a way that it feels like a merging of the two fandoms rather than just a Hunger Games mix or an Inception mix. Like I can identify certain tracks with specific Inception characters and that's great. You did a wonderful job as usual Sara; this will be on repeat throughout the week.

(I'm so bummed 8tracks didn't alert me about your comment sooner oh my god)

ANYWAY, as always, your stamp of approval is literally my favorite thing ever and I just love seeing how much you truly understand this mix. It's particularly great that you could identify songs with specific characters - I really had that idea in mind for this mix, and I'm glad it was able to come off that way. This mix is one of my true personal favorites, and seeing that you were able to hear what I was going for just made it all the more fantastic to me. Thanks so much Pam (I hope this is able to possibly inspire some more ideas for this AU in the future!)