Is this playlist safe for work?


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This playlist is very cute&spooky!! I love it :o Also if you haven't, you should totally read the manga in the playlist's cover ("Paperweight Eye"), it has a very creepy and handsome male yandere!

@tsunderepan nope it isnt sorry about that! its Toxic (ft Cheesa) by District 78. When I uploaded it, it said that, but apparently it got screwed somehow. I'll fix it now, thank you for bringing it to my attention!~

I love this so much! Hip hip hooray for yandere characters. There should be more male ones in anime. ; ; This music is great for the fic I'm writing as well.

@emma-96227 im glad u enjoy it!! i agree there should definitely be more male ones in anime omg also you should link me to the fic when youre done with it, if youre comfortable with it! i would love to read it