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The unearthly task of studying


Amazing songs, made acoustic. Making the world just that bit more beautiful, I hope that this is as calming/relaxing to study with as it was/is for me :)

  • Crawlersout Acoustic (Purity Ring Cover) by Antonio M. Silva
  • Riot Van (Acoustic) by Arctic Monkeys
  • Walking On a Dream (Empire of the Sun) by Boy and Bear
  • Let's Dance To Joy Division(Acoustic) by The Wombats
  • Featherstone by The Hazzard
  • Wires (James Stewart Cover) by Athlete
  • Lamplight (Acoustic Cover) by Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Yes, Yes We're Magicians by The Crookes
  • LOST (Coldplay) acoustic cover by Musiclover1995
9 tracks
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