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12/30/19 PSA: Given the very disappointing news that 8tracks is closing, I've migrated all of my mixes to Spotify. Here's the link to my profile: https://open.spotify.com/user/e8vj97vzcfzvfiitylfyfk3ur?si=92jyHrzhSAivba0B3K9k0Q and here's a tumblr masterlink to mixes: https://monalisasnmadhatters.tumblr.com/post/189929753424/psa-8tracks-closing-masterlist-of-mixes

I've also grabbed a bunch of my favorite mixes from here. If you're visiting this page looking to grab mine, this is your PSA that there's no need to. I'm also in the process of cleaning them up so they're as close to the original tracklists as when they were on here.

I'll miss everyone!

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