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infernal management


because work is Hell sometimes.

[[a spn plotty thing i'm trying to get inspiration for, that is entirely @sherlogic 's fault. crowley comes back to hell slightly human and a little bit distrustful of all his non-slightly-human underlings, so he decides to promote all the demons that came off the production line with a little too much sentimentality. unfortunately the demon reject bin is the switchboard department, and they're all fuckin nerds. cue memes, electroswing and an attempt to get through each working day without creating literal hell on earth.]]

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I would watch hours of an Office-style tv show based around this idea. Nerdy little asshole demons working in cubicles and Crowley 3000% done with everyone.

I lost it at "I'm An Asshole". YOU INCLUDED A CAVE JOHNSON DIALOGUE IM SCREAMING!! amazing. I'm just .... blown away by this piece of perfection.