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College in the later 80s


Music that reminds me of college in the latter half of the 80s. Your memories may vary.

One hundred tracks of pop, rock, and alternative including music by 'Til Tuesday, 10,000 Maniacs, Aztec Camera, presented in chonologicalish order.

Six and a half hours too long? It started out as 9:30 and was culled to 7:40 before the 100-track limit resulted in what's heard here.(p.s., there's a 100-track limit on 8tracks)

96 tracks
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I think for all who were born in the 80's we all love this music because we were probably listening to it while in our mothers stomachs , and when we were kids we just absorbed every little piece of music . It really is a phenom when you think about the music that was around when you were born and/or concieved , you probably love that music or have some weird kinda affinity for it .

Life in a Northern Town - and I am transported... 1988 - I was 20 years old, second year of university, living away from home in Bathurst, Australia. The soundtrack was the same :) thanks