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|| can you ever truly escape your past? god, I hope so. ||

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4 comments on side a: danger

This perfectly explains both why I love this character so so much and also why I'm always so so sad; I think he's the face of everything I fear about myself and that's why love him so much.

@Planet Fandom Oh hun, thanks for the comment! I am so glad you found the character inside these songs. The fact that a playlist reached out to you is the best compliment someone could get; and also, on a more personal level, I hope these songs helped a bit. Sometimes some lyrics and a tune manage to send across messages that simple words can't. thanks again

@Solonna I am hurt too (with such a character it's impossible not to), so I guess we go by 'misery loves company'. I'm thinking of making something happier next time, promise! Thanks a lot for the comment, luv!!

@Sonata4OverdosedLover I might need that happier playlist after what you put me through! haha. It's definitely needed because he's a mischievous troublemaker too :)

@Solonna 'your wish is my... strong recommendation.' and done! something to dance his troubles away. I've been hording songs for that playlist for months. (also, you're golden with your comments!) (p.s.: I adore the ladies that you draw)

@Sonata4OverdosedLover Oh man, you're a gem!, here i come to compliment you and i get complimented in return. thank you so much! i'm listening to it right now