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Mind-boggling (the songs of 2014)

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Samara Winter – Eu e Eu
Habibi - Sweetest Talk
The Primitives – Spin-O-Rama
Fair Maiden – Wait For You
Wharves – Mind You
Nick Hessler & Samira Winter – Can We Start Anew?
Totally Mild – Take Today
Girlpool – Alone at the Show
The Orielles – Hintering Waves
Babaganouj – Bluff
Wild Balbina – Stoned Heart
The Garment District – Secondhand Sunburn
Miriam – My Love Has Gone
Burnt Palms – Open My Eyes
Jessica & The Fletchers – Amelia
The Prams – My Best Friend
Rebel Kind – Baby Baby Baby
Cold Beat – Wave
The Wendy Darlings – Johnny
Tennis – Never Work for Free
Twerps – Conditional Report
Franny & Zooey – I Love You