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When All's Well (my life is like cathedral bells)

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Tufthunter (feat. Amelia & Lupe) – My Future Band
Franny & Zooey – Literary Love
The Tuts – Do I Have to Look for Love?
Heavy Heart – Daisy Chain
The Hermit Crabs – Stop This Now
Charlie Belle – Metaphorically Speaking
Star Tropics – Swept Away
Everything But The Girl – When All’s Well
Starry Eyed Cadet – Sugar
Red Sleeping Beauty – Don't Say You Love Me
The Happy Balloon – Among The First To Know
Gigi (w. Rose Melberg) – Alone at the Pier
Elia Y Elizabeth – Cae la lluvia
Violettas – What Have I Done
DIET CIG – Cardboard
The Lewis Sisters – By Some Chance
Spencer McGillicutty – Hide and Seek
Connie Francis – Don’t Ever Leave Me
The Luv'D Ones – Stand Tall
Santa Fe – Daydream
Ria Bartok – See If I Care
The Aquadolls – Mine
Wild Balbina – Looking Through You
Major Leagues – Endless Drain