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die cis scum!


I'm going to have a bladder burst while you ponder gender!

a playlist about being trans, for trans kids, written by trans, gender variant, down with cis people!

this playlist should be considered incomplete; i'd really like some suggestions if anyone has any! i always want to know about more trans artists and i know there's more artists out there!

happy trans day of visibility!

background of cover via florastarkey on instagram

promo post/tracklist:

if one more person tries to discourse me on this playlist i will implode. die cis scum is the title of one of the songs. it's a playlist about anger and self-love like let us have fun

12 tracks
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i'm so proud of myself that my playlist finally has discourse. finally, my experiences with being trans is controversy. (also, note: the title is literally just the title of a song in a playlist tha's expressing anger over how trans people are treated. js)

@fncysantaKind but my girlfriend isn't bad and she's cis. there are a lot of people who fight for trans people and try to get us basic human rights, I don't think we should focus on the bad peeps when we can focus on the good ones. but anyway, you can't fight hate with hate, if we do this to them then we're just as bad as the meanies. :)