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Into the Stars


Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I dedicate this mix to you, my lovely followers thank you so much I would not be here with out you all, I love each and every one of you.

Also check out this beautiful mix, it has inspired me to make this one.

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This is awesome to listen to while I'm doing my calculus homework...makes me feel like a super smart physicist or something. I'd say I wasn't picturing a inspirational montage of me drafting space stations and robots, but I'd be lying. Thanks for making this!

Let me tell you a quick story that you probably don't care about but you have to know. I'm babysitting and these kids won't go to sleep for nothing. I ask the older of the two (3) if she will lay still if I put on music. She says yes and I do a quick search for lullaby and sleep and find your playlist. I liked the picture and the title so I clicked. Both kids were OUT by the end of the third song so thanks. But also, this is like a really great playlist to play with that one bath mob with all the glitter.

@SeaBirdAlex You are so welcome, I'm glad it helped the children fall asleep. Your story really made my day, and I hope i'll be able to make more mixes that help people and bring joy while doing it.