Sophia ann Raven
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The Enchanted Forest

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Haha always delighted :) :') And music is something that gives a lot of joy, you should definitely get back! It helps if your music taste is very finely attuned ;) Good luck!!

Your mixes are amazing, I just discovered them and I can't wait to check them all! Tracks are very well suited to whichever theme you pick, and the music is of very high quality :) Keep making these themed fantasy mixes

@pkmob First of all I want to say how much you made my day with this comment. For a while now I've been kinda sad and as a result, I have not been inspired to make mixes. but reading this makes me want to start again.

What a lovely playlist! It's a bit like riding across extensive plains and dancing in the middle of the forest at the same time. I love it. (It's also been q useful for tonight's attempt to cram for tomorrow's exams oops.)

@Drachensx Thank you for the wonderful comment, I glad it helped you with your exams. its one of the reasons i started making mixes in the first place, to help people.

When I'm listening to your mix I feel almost like fairy from an Enchanted Forest... Thank you so much! I absolutely love it

love this mix!!! i'm writing a paper about an Enchanted Forest right now for one of my writing classes, and this is helping so much! :) each song you chose is beautiful.