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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

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My problem with most Oscar Wao inspired playlists are how inaccurate they are, I understand having old school Latin tracks to represent the historical allusions and times when Oscar is in the DR but, Lola his sister was into Gothic New Wave Music and as a result, he was too (see the chapter when he meets Anna, he is listening to New Order). It happens when a sibling plays such an important part in someone life, they will influence you; also, he is an anime loving, bleak future dreaming, post apocalyptic geek in the 80's! of course he was listening to punk, new wave and goth.

@xsovereigntyx I have to admit to not even attempting to use tracks that I thought Oscar would listen to! This is mostly artists that I was listening to when I read the book plus a few tracks where the lyrics resonated with me (either because they reflected Oscar's emotions or my own when reading). If there are any playlists that you think have captured Oscar's music taste well then do give me a recommendation, I'd love to hear them!