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lights go down and the night is calling to me


// I want to say that I love you but what I mean is thank you, what I mean is you’re the first mouth I’ve kissed, what I mean is your hands and mine//

//the boy glides across the stage like the ghost of something beautiful, and derek sometimes wonders if this is punishment for all of his past mistakes coming back to haunt him, in the form of a beautiful and skeletal boy that he loves.//

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THIS PLAYLIST IS FREAKING AWESOME OMG i keep playing it and i cqn just imagine stiles moving to it. I NEED A FIC FOR THIS AAAAA. Awesome work man

@efly.azuran-179 Haha, I'm half tempted to write something since people like this so much :) I keep hoping a better writer will take it upon themselves though. Thank you so much for the kind words!

@Berry_Fruits you're so sweet! there's no fic for this, but anyone can feel free to write one if they want to! the mix has a sort of story with it, in that all of the instrumental tracks are ones that I imagined Derek would play on the piano for Stiles to dance to.