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homage to my favorite band.

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from one Black Keys fan to another, THANK YOU for this totally sick mix that i LOVE!!! In fact i happen to love all of your mixes, so keep on makin em and ill keep listenin cause i like yo style :)

thank you, glad you like it! yeah, the black keys are my absolute favorite band -- i even have a black keys tattoo (dorky but true haha). saw them in concert a couple nights ago and they were AMAZING. coulda watched them for days on end.

really great mix, thank you so into Black Keys through a friend in the past couple of years and they are never leaving my mp3 player ever....and Blakroc is my most favourite collaborative album in the world!

hi sophrina very nice mix this one too ;-) , I just noticed the black keys the other day when I watched them at the David Lettermanshow they did Tighten Up, they have a sold out concert in Holland this month, best wishes