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time for some sinning.

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thanks very much! nice of you to say.
hmm, i think i'm essentially like christopher walken with a good dose of rambo thrown in. my mixes may or may not reflect that. haha :)

keep up the awesome mixes!
oh and i cant get over how awesome your smile is.
its interesting seeing your face and trying to imagine what youre like based off music mixes.

lust: twist by goldfrapp
gluttony: gotta eat by lupe fiasco
gluttony: lollipop by mika
sloth: lazy lover by brazilian girls
greed: money maker by rilo kiley
envy: jealousy by spoon
pride: ego tripping at the gates of hell by the flaming lips
wrath: she burned out their eyes by the apparitions
pride: we're only gonna die for our arrogance by sublime
wrath: burn the witch by queens of the stone age
envy: something i can never have by nine inch nails
sloth: lazy butterfly by devendra banhart
greed: money by bernadette seacrest
lust: i just want to make love to you by etta james