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she's cheer captain and i'm on the bleachers


"She wears short skirts / I wear t-shirts / she’s cheer captain / and I’m on the bleachers / dreaming about the day when she wakes up and finds / that what she’s looking for has been here all the time"

The Impossible Wolf 90s teen movie high school au you never knew you wanted until now.

14 tracks
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THIS PLAYLIST IS SO AMAZING AND SO GAY 100000 out of 10 WOULD LISTEN TO AGAIN and ok so here's how I imagine some scenes would go. One of the bonding scenes would go something like "People only like me because I'm easy to like," Clara sighed, gaze stuck on one of the posters tacked to Rose's wall. Rose grabbed her hand. "That's not true, Oswald. People like you because you're funny, kind, intelligent,'re amazing." and then the 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' scene would go kind of like "Hullo, everyone," Clara greeted awkwardly, her heart hammering in her chest. "Thanks for nominating me Prom Queen and all that, but at the same time, I can't help but think, that this stupid plastic crown doesn't mean jackshit. It means nothing! But..." She paused to take a deep breath. She and Rose, her beautiful, sweet, precious Rose locked eyes. "Love means something, right? Love is important, and powerful, and strong, and you know what?" Her eyes wild, her face burning red from embarrassment, her pulse racing, she confessed, "I love you, Rose Tyler. I really do." Then, she motioned to the DJ and sang along to Can't Take My Eyes Off You, all the while making her way to Rose, who sat on the bleachers with her friends Mickey and Donna. AND YEAH SO AMAZING PLAYLIST SUPER GAY AND NOW I SHIP THESE TWO BEAUTIFUL GIRLS MORE THAN EVER SO BLESS YOUR SOUL