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do you wanna

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Me too it's such a good ship... And also poncotsu's vampire ShiHou is exactly what I was thinking of when I listened to it but I didn't think other people would have the same idea, haha.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THIS PLAYLIST! I really like the general feel of it, like the songs flow from each other very well (though I wonder why you put Thriller there) and it made me aware of songs that I actually really like now! Thank you! I love it! (Also yeah I wish ShiHou was more popular it's such a good ship)

AHHH!!1 IM SUPER GLAD YOU LIKED IT!! oh gosh thank u! omg actually i added thriller bc of a personal headcanon that iori is obsessed with michael jackson (also there was some vampire shihou art and I JUst....). yeah i put a few songs on there that at first i didnt think would fit but somehow I thought they all worked kinda ya know :o but anyways! im really glad you enjoyed it!! its probably one of my fave ships of all time tbh